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Επίπεδο 1
Level 1
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Tel: 2310474245

The Company

The Raxevsky woman is a modern woman who loves life, feels young and is full of femininity, romanticism and dynamism. The company was established in 1976 by Eleni Raxevsky and Giorgos Mourtzouchos. With 30 years of history in the fashion industry, Raxevsky is one of the leading companies, in production and selling of female clothing in Greece. Today there are more than 60 stores in Greece and abroad. Using state-of-the-art technology the company is able to stay abreast of international fashion trends and adapt them to the Raxevsky target market. Raxevsky designs clothes for the everyday women and for all occasions. With their quality, perfect tailoring, inspiration and good taste, Raxevsky clothes always follow and adopt world wide trends and win new and demanding markets outside Greece.

The Store

Visit our ne shop at level 1! Come and see the new collection at our new shop, with a refreshed and warm environment! The Raxevsky collection entails women’s clothes for every woman, for every occasion and for every hour of the day. The basic, main collection always includes a sub collection, ‘Summertime’ for summer and ‘Winterfresh’ for winter which complements and refreshes the basic at a lower price!