Public Phones Information Desk Baby Care Area Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) Lifts/Elevators
Escalators Handicap Toilets Children's Toilet Playground Free Wi Fi
Wheelchairs Baby Strollers Baby Chairs at Foodcourt Parking for Pregnant Women
and Seniors
Handicap Parking
Τax Free Shopping First Aid Room Recycling Areas for Electical
Appliances and Electric Balbs
Men's Toilets Ladies Toilets

Frequently Asked Questions

To make your visit here easier, we have answered your most frequent questions. If you wish for more help, please email us your question at

Are you open on Sundays?
Yes, we are open on Sundays for coffee, drinks, cinema or eating out. To see the stores' opening hours, click here.

Do you offer facilities for disabled customers?
Yes, we provide full accessibility to disabled customers with elevators, ramps and free parking spaces. We have 4 fully accessible unisex toilets in our new Customer Toilet complex. Find the exact location on the map here.

Do you have a wheelchair loan scheme?
Five wheelchairs are always available for our customers. Please contact our Information Office [Level 0].

Where can I find an ATM or a bank?
In the shopping centre you can find branches and ATMs of EUROBANK, MILLENIUM BANK and NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE and ATMs of MARFIN EGNATIA BANK, ALPHA BANK and PIRAEUS BANK.

Where can I go if I lose something?
For lost and found, please contact our Information Office.

Is there a TAXI rank nearby?
Yes, you will find it at parking P6.



Download the Mediterranean Cosmos Map in PDF format and organize your visit.