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Tel: 2310 472351
Fax: 2310 472167

The Company

Sfera is a fashion brand, which bets on the quality, on the continuous renovation, on a very assorted collection and on the customer’s service. Offers new collections inspired by the last fashion trends. At Sfera stores, customers will find comfortable and actual garments at a very good price. Sfera has already stores in the best commercial zones of main Spanish cities and in countries like Portugal, Mexico and Greece. Now, our brand is immersing in a very ambitious national and international expansion plan, which is strengthening Sfera as a prestigious brand in the fashion world.


The Store

In Sfera stores, you can find:


  • Fashion: Follow the catwalk trends with our most sophisticated collection.
  • Casual: Our youngest collection offers you a great range of designs for you to renovate your wardrobe with the last fashion.
  • Confidential: Our underwear collection presents two different lines: one, seductive and sophisticated and the other, casual and funny.
  • Accessories: If you are searching for something special to complete your look, we have the best proposals for you in our stores.



  • Urban: Faithful to its elegant and trendy style, the fashion collection continues betting on the dandy look.
  • Casual: For the youngest ones, Sfera proposes a funny collection with the most current designs. Jeans and daily wearing clothes are the star garments of this line.
  • Underwear: Our underwear and home wear collection for men proposes comfortable, practical and current made of 100% cotton garments.
  • Accessories: Sfera proposes a great range of accessories to wear men in any moment of the day.



  • Sfera kids: Our collection for boys and girls, proposes funny, comfortable and colorful garments inspired by the last trends.
  • Sfera babies: for babies from 3 months to 2 years. The importance of the design, the comfort of the garments and the excellent price are the most important qualities of this line.