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Tel: 2310 471189

The Company

Giant Delta Co LTD was founded on 27/07/2000. It is headquartered in Thessaloniki. The company’s main goal is to import - export and trade Shoes, Clothing, Leather and Accessories. The company includes retail and wholesale divisions.

WHOLESALE DIVISION:  Includes trading shoes and clothing.

RETAIL DIVISION: Includes selling  clothing, shoes and accessories (young fashion, lifestyle, streetwear), founding retail stores with the brand name “DALE” and “daledream”. The store products are directed to young men and women looking for something unique and modern, according to fashion trends worldwide.


The Store

In our collection you will find a wide variety of men and women footwear, apparel and accessories (sneakers, streetwear, sports lifestyle, training) by well-known brands (Nike, Adidas, Converse, Asics, Lacoste, Diesel, Vans, Reef, World, Body Action etc.)